Beyond High Street

Tim Sweetwood: President, C3 Presents

April 17, 2019

While Tim Sweetwood has always been passionate about music, it wasn’t until he graduated from Miami and experienced the entrepreneurial side of the business that he knew he could make a career out of it.  In the years since he has been involved with just about every aspect of music entertainment – from recording, to booking events, to his current role organizing and running entire music festivals. It’s fascinating to hear how the progression of his early successes - throwing parties with emerging local bands – motivated him to keep finding new and bigger opportunities within the industry. And while he originally gravitated to this field because of his passion for music, he is quick to remind the artists he works with that it is a business first. I think his advice to young people looking to get into the music industry is equally applicable to all industries - “be a dork about it and absorb it.”


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