Beyond High Street

David Schwab, Beyond High Street Founder

March 25, 2021

Big news ahead for Beyond High Street but before I share, please let me reminisce for a moment. When I started Beyond High Street three years ago, I set forth to find the commonality for Miamians and all of us that ventured through the cornfields into Oxford, beautiful Oxford. But I learned and gained so much more. I built new and deep friendships, created mentor and mentee experiences and even personally invested with a few of my guests. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to wrestlers, CEOs, authors, doctors, visionaries, actors, producers, journalists, sports executives and many others. Each have shared their personal tales of Miami and life since. I am humbled for each and every one of the conversations and time they spent to participate. Beginning Monday, Beyond High Street will have a new host (stay tuned) and I am honored to participate as a guest for the first time. Beyond High Street will continue on! Thank you so much for participating, listening, sharing and supporting this journey and the Miami community. See you all at Skipper’s for a pint real soon. #LoveAndHonor

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