Beyond High Street

Christie Currie: Founder, Zandaland

May 1, 2019

Our first active Miami student on the pod! Why? Because Christie Currie is so darn impressive. She is days away from graduation and about to hit the world with a newly created business. She identified a problem in the real world through her own personal experience with cancer and is all-in to solve it. Enter Zandaland, a holistic digital platform and virtual world for Children’s Hospitals that educates, connects, and distracts inpatient pediatric cancer patients. Zandaland uses fun, play and technology to empower young patients through knowledge and engagement. We spend a great deal of time on the pod discussing the benefits of sharing the entrepreneurial experience with peers (and she has some classmates that are part of the new team). Check out Zandaland and all the inspiring things that Christie and her team are doing, and you can support them at their GoFundMe.