Beyond High Street

Brandon Smith: Co-Founder, Nooma

September 25, 2019

My conversation with Brandon Smith, NOOMA co-Founder, took place as he was driving with his brother and two work colleagues in a car from Cleveland to Baltimore for a Natural Products Expo show. Exactly what entrepreneurs are doing every single day of the year. Really appreciated Miami University’s Director of External Relations and alum Nick Petraglia for connecting the dots and making the conversation happen. Brandon articulately explains the origin of NOOMA – an organic electrolyte drink and what it is going to take to win in the beverage game. He has incredible fortitude, dedication and a clear sense of direction….but as in all new businesses, not without some bumps. He explains the bumps and how he has overcome them. His story about staying up to 3am on this product while his hockey team had a game 7 the next day is…well….just perfect.


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