Charlie Yook: Coordinating Producer, NFL Network

April 25, 2018

A special treat for the pod this week as we have Charlie Yook, the NFL Network's coordinating producer for "NFL GameDay Morning" and the NFL Draft, just over 24 hours before the 2018 NFL Draft kicks off. Like previous guests, he stresses the importance of storytelling and implores students to master the skill. He also credits a particular Miami class that put him in front of and behind the camera as the inspiration to really explore working in media. With 20 years in the industry, the last twelve of which at NFL Network, he hasn't looked back. Enjoy the conversation and make sure to tune into the NFL Network coverage starting on Thursday, and through the rest of this week. 



Bryan Murphy: Founder & President, Tomorrow Sleep

April 18, 2018

Talk about being ahead of the curve. Bryan Murphy was creating, building and selling businesses in the tech, web and venture world….20 years ago, and is still doing so today. That’s forward thinking. His entrepreneurial spirit started at the age of 10 and he shares a great story of making and selling custom pies. Yes, that’s right - Pies. After school, he saw a marketplace opportunity in creating brand websites, and as they say, the rest is history. Our conversation spans from his early work days in Detroit, to his first meeting with (and sale to) a venture capitalist, selling a business to eBay, and understanding marketplace gap in selling mattresses online. And that is the world he lives today as President and Founder of Tomorrow Sleep, a wholly owned subsidiary of Serta Simmons Bedding. If you are on campus, look for Bryan May 10th when he comes back to Oxford to judge a Shark Tank-style competition for senior Farmer School business students.


Tom Fox: President, San Jose Earthquakes

April 11, 2018

From a Political Science and Public Administration major to the President of a MLS club – kudos to you Tom Fox. Tom’s business career and success has spanned all sides of sports marketing – brand, league, agency and now team. He earned his stripes at Quaker, Nike, Gatorade, NBA, Arsenal, Aston Villa before joining the San Jose Earthquakes. He has demonstrated incredible timing with his career moves and advancement – from opening the NBA’s first Asia office, to leading Gatorade’s efforts as sponsorship exploded, and then into soccer domestically where the fan base continues to grow daily. He credits Miami for helping him learn and understand parts of life beyond what you learn in a classroom. And later in the conversation we talk about content and the disruptive nature of how the current (and future) generation of viewers consume it. I do like his nugget that his first brand work was on Captain Crunch cereal (one doesn’t forget those days).


Adam Carlstrom: Deputy Commander, United States Navy

April 4, 2018

Leadership. Character. Commitment. Three simple words that Captain Adam Carlstrom professes over-and-over to describe what he does day-to-day, and that he deems are important for success in life. As Deputy Commander of Electronic Attack Wing, US Pacific Fleet for the US Navy, Carlstrom takes those words very seriously. His work purview includes 160 aircraft and close to 5,000 individuals. He also talks often about the goals of his unit: Man. Train. Equip. Getting the next person ready for their daily work. This motto could be on the door of every corporate human resources executive out there. Captain Carlstrom’s call sign is Pinto, he is part of a Miami merger and he was enjoyable to converse with.