Beyond High Street

My Miami Experience

January 29, 2018

My story is similar to many Miami alums.  I went to Miami because there was just something about the environment, the isolation and seclusion, and the community that made me feel at home.  At the same time, I knew it was a place that would afford me just enough responsibility, and the right level of risk (and occasionally, somewhat more), to help me grow into an adult. 

As a freshman, I majored in Communications and spent the year finding my bearings. Sophomore year, I entered the business program and took as many marketing classes as I could (while laboring through the required accounting and economics credits). I also interned at Goggin, where I was tasked with scheduling the broomball program, a responsibility I miss to this day.

Once I felt I had mastered that challenge, I knew I needed another. I interviewed with the Editor-in-Chief of The Arena to become their new Sports Editor. Not only did I get the gig, but the editor who interviewed me, Erika Trost, is now my wife of 18 years. So yes, a Miami Merger too.

By senior year, I was the only student on the advisory board of the yet-to-be-built new Recreational Sports Center (I may have gone to a few of those 8:00am Friday meetings a little groggy from previous nights uptown).  Entrepreneurship 467 was the game-changer class for me – it was the first business class where I gained practical experience, with Dr. Altman teaching real-world cases and showing me how to apply those lessons in real life.

I came back in my 20’s to guest lecture in the business school and most recently, have come back to campus annually to be part of the Cradle of Marketers, an incredible program created by Jenny Rooney and Dave Knox.

As a kid right out of high school, I had no idea that Miami’s unique environment would be an essential factor in forcing me to thrive as an individual, and to build myself into the person and professional I am today. And that is the fundamental reason I launched this pod.

…so welcome to Beyond High Street.

Some other nuggets:

Freshman dorm: 102 Anderson Hall

Favorite spot uptown (then and now): Skipper's

Best class: MKT 467 (Entrepreneurship with Dr. Altman)

Major: B.S. Marketing

Miami Merger. YES! Erika Trost (class of '93)

Next Time on Campus: Cradle of Marketers event 

Bagel 'n Deli preference: Greg-O-Bagel

Residence post-frosh year: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House 

Campus Internship: Goggin Ice Arena (Broomball schedules) in the early 90's

Other activities: Fraternity Council Sports Chair; Sports Editor of The Arena newspaper
Class I wish I took in college (that all should): Improv // Theatre

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