Jim Ryan: Former President & CEO, Grainger

July 25, 2018

Simply put, Jim is a pro’s pro. A simple search of his professional background would show a career filled with experience and success. But maybe more importantly, and what comes through in a phone call, is that he is caring, dedicated, and willing to help others get better. Our conversation spanned from his very limited use of technology in the late 1970’s in Oxford to walking the campus just months ago as his youngest of two graduated Miami (his older son is a Miami grad too). His principles to success are clear: 1) work hard and be dedicated, 2) learn how to work within a team and 3) personal integrity is everything. We dabbled into how he learns, even today, and how her exposes himself to the ‘unfamiliar’ to expand his own thinking. We even touched on the need of mentorship….who knows, maybe I added a new one today.


Michael Markesbery: Co-Founder & CEO, OROS Apparel

July 18, 2018

This is a great story! We start the conversation talking about Michael’s Astronaut Scholarship. Wait, have you not heard of an Astronaut Scholarship? Don’t worry, neither had I. A light bulb went off in Michael’s head as a young Miamian while climbing a mountain – how do we make better insulated jackets that are not ridiculously bulky? So he and his fellow Miami buddy and co-founder Rithvik Venna went to work. They created and demoed product as students uptown in their apartments and created OROS Apparel. OROS is an ancient greek work for Mountain and to Michael, this is all about the climb, the journey, and giving 110% effort every day. They are crushing it year-over-year and the sky is the limit for them. Especially for two guys who raised 3x the ask on a kickstarter campaign. Nobody does that….well, except for OROS.


Chris Rose: Host, MLB Network’s Intentional Talk”

July 11, 2018

The old saying goes, it’s not where you start but where you finish. Chris Rose's first job out of college was a $4.85 part-time gig at a Cincinnati TV station. Now, twenty-five years later, he hosts shows on the MLB and NFL Networks, and is living out his dreams every day. A Shaker Heights, OH-native, Chris transferred in to Miami and immediately went knocking on the Sports Information Director’s door to inquire about broadcasting Miami sports games on the radio. He continued his work and networking via Miami colleagues and professors through that first job and beyond. His NFL Network colleague Charlie Yook (previously on the pod) and he participate in the annual ‘Bring Miami Kids to Hollywood’ program every year, which he loves being a part of. I enjoyed the moments in the conversation where he talks about finding your own voice and how We could all "Use a Little Kevin Millar In Us". Make sure to follow his reports from the MLB All-Star game next week.


Joe Flannery: SVP Tech Apparel, Newell Brands

July 3, 2018

How times have changed. From running around with Joe at Skippers, Ozzies and anywhere else our colleagues and buddies took us out at night, to now having a podcast conversation about his twenty-five years of business success and global excursions. Similar to many Miami alumni, he started his professional life via an internship through a connection in MUSF. That led to a project of “finding a business we can invest in”. He did, which sent him to Boulder, CO after school, and he shares in the pod what life was like being part of a start-up (and one that was soon acquired). He has had significant roles at adidas, The North Face, Newell Brands, and many more. He currently is an advisor for OROS (and check out a pod on those guys later in the month). We opened the conversation about the difference of living in Sonoma to being born-and-raised in Middletown, OH.