Todd Henry: Author, Speaker, Advisor

June 27, 2018

If you haven’t heard Todd Henry speak, go listen. If you haven’t read Todd’s books, go to Amazon and buy. Incredible insight on creativity, productivity and passion for work to help people and teams generate brilliant ideas. He just released book #4, Herding Tigers and already is noodling his fifth. He also hosts The Additional Creative Podcast with millions of downloads. Incredibly, he started the pod a dozen years ago when most didn’t even know what a podcast was. As we have shared before, all paths are different and Todd’s is unique as he spent his first five years post-Miami as a country artist going from county fair to county fair. Hope you enjoy the listen.


Dr. David Sabgir: Founder, Walk With a Doc

June 20, 2018

Dave is an inspiration to me and many around the world. Early in his medical career, he recognized a barrier between patients and doctors that affected his ability to provide the best care. He then turned that into Walk With A Doc, a movement in which there are 376 chapters around the world including 11 in India and in parts of Africa. The premise is simple. Walk with a Doc puts doctors in parks across the country and around the world with the goal of disrupting the current medical system as we know it. Join the community. Talk with doctors, friends and neighbors. Breakdown walls and build conversations. And get some exercise while you are doing so. It’s no surprise U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy used Walk with a Doc as the example for preventative health when addressing audiences. Make sure to check it out


Stacey Browning: President, Paycor

June 14, 2018

Bright eyes. I loved that description Stacey Browning shares on this podcast. Stacey, the President of Paycor, is talking about Miamians and what sets the students apart from many others she sees in the work place. In the pod, she goes into a greater description of what that means and the uniqueness of Oxford, OH. She has been at Paycor for almost 25 years and her enthusiasm for her company comes through in the conversation. You can see why she still is there and continues to thrive every day. We spend part of the conversation talking about learning; not just for students but even for her as a corporate President. Learning is a fundamental trait in life – both professionally and personally.


Gerri Kahnweiler: Co-Founder, Invest HER Ventures

June 6, 2018

Every podcast guest has had a different path to success and through life, and this one is unique in its own way. Gerri Kahnweiler used her first several years after Miami’s graduation in the accounting field, and working for a hedge fund. She then spent 30 years out of the work force dedicating her life to raising a family and volunteering in women and girl’s philanthropy, included a couple stints as an elected official, among other positions. Two years ago, she began a new life phase, and opened Invest HER Ventures, a fund focusing on funding female entrepreneurs seeking early stage capital. There are great life lessons in this conversation for women (and men) about priorities and how any chosen path isn't necessarily final.