Jon Miller: President, Programming, NBC Sports

March 14, 2018

As Content is King, Jon Miller’s job at NBC Sports as President, Programming is paramount in the media landscape. Responsible for countless hours of programming, Jon has the unique challenge of increasing the value of existing shows while continually looking for the next big thing in his NBC Sports Ventures business. While many often search for the perfect job  Jon explains a different path. Taking jobs to learn and grow and from there, finding your direction. For him it was sales, TV, then sports, and the rest is history. He is incredibly passionate about supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and so am I.



Trish Lukasik: CEO, Luxury Garage Sale

March 7, 2018

Trish Lukasik is a high energy leader (to say the least!) who recently shifted into the fast paced world of technology and e-commerce, assuming the position of CEO at Luxury Garage Sale, a leading omni-channel retailer of high end boutique and consignment merchandise. Prior to joining LGS, Trish transitioned from a career in consumer products to SpotHero, where she served as Chief Operating Officer.  Before joining SpotHero, Trish built a distinguished career over two decades within the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, with significant experience across Procter & Gamble, The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo. She has a thirst for learning and an unparalleled drive that is unmistakable in this conversation.



Jeff Conroy: Three-time Emmy Award Winner; TV Show Executive Producer

February 28, 2018

Not everyone knows what they want to do when they get to Miami, but Oxford seems to set people on a path…and a path for success. This was the case for Jeff Conroy. It wasn’t until sitting with the Miami counselors half-way his Oxford run before he picked a major and a direction, and he hasn't stopped learning since. Jeff shares a great story about getting a crash course entertainment MBA by being a driver for a TV executive in Hollywood. The daily conversations helped him land his next job. Now twenty years and three Emmys later, Jeff co-runs BobCat, a multi-platform video studio based in Los Angeles. His team’s latest docuseries project, American Farmer, was just greenlit by the History Channel a few weeks ago.



Dave Knox: Author (Predicting The Turn), Venture Investor, Brand Owner

February 21, 2018

Dave brings a blend of classical marketing acumen (from his days at P&G) along with entrepreneurial instinct to navigate today’s changing business landscape. He is recognized throughout the industry as an innovator that bridges the worlds between brand marketing, digital, and entrepreneurship. He also co-founded The Brandery, one of the top 10 Startup Accelerators in the US. Most recently, Dave authored the best-selling must-read: Predicting The Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between Startups and Blue Chips, which was recognized as the Grand Prix winner in the 2017 Atticus Awards. He has a B.S. Marketing from Miami and with Jenny Rooney, co-created the Cradle of Marketers program within the Farmer School of Business.



John Walton: Director of Broadcasting, Washington Capitals

February 14, 2018

Miami grad John Walton is living his dream at this very moment. He is in Korea, calling Olympic hockey games for NBC (you might have heard him last night calling the USA women's 5-0 win over O.A.R (Olympic Athletes from Russia). Quite a change of location from his days in Oxford and Cincinnati and then from Hershey, PA and Washington, DC. His twenty-year career has stretched from the Cincinnati Reds to now as the Director of Broadcasting and Play-by-Play voice of the NHL Washington Capitals (he is taking a three week sabbatical to do the Olympics works). As you’ll hear in our conversation, his entire career started with a tip and some help from a Miami professor. We caught up with John before he left for Pyeongchang, and he talks about the importance of storytelling and how he uses his voice to tell that story.



Rebecca Messina: SVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Beam Suntory

February 7, 2018

 Rebecca Messina is a well-respected global brand marketer who has led fast-growing entrepreneurial premium brands at The Coca-Cola Company and now at Beam Suntory.  She has lived and traveled the world teaching the values of ‘brand’. Interestingly, she says the difference maker in her initial job growth at The Coca-Cola Company comes from her Spanish-speaking skills honed at Miami. Fortunately I get to spend time with her every year in Oxford at The Cradle of Marketers…because I learn from her too. Our conversation begins as we dissect this past Sunday’s Super Bowl advertising game.



Rick Dudley: Octagon Sports and Entertainment Network, Chairman and CEO

February 2, 2018

With two days before the Super Bowl, I felt appropriate to get Miami alum Rick Dudley on the pod. Not only did he spend more than a decade at the NFL, he has been the CEO of Octagon, a global sports and entertainment marketing and management agency, for more than 15 years. And oh yeah, he is my boss. He references two Miamians in the pod that are very relevant to the Super Bowl too - Jim Steeg and Jon Miller. We'll get them on the pod shortly. In the below image, Rick is with Octagon's Janey Miller, John Shea and client and 4x 2016 Olympic Gymastics Gold Medalist (including the Individual All-Around) Simone Biles. 



The Miz: Global WWE Superstar

January 29, 2018

Now one of the biggest stars in WWE and eight-time Intercontinental Champion, the Miz, then Mike Mizanin, originally came to Miami to find his direction. After two years, with the help of his Theta Chi fraternity brothers, created a VHS video tape and applied to be on MTV's The World. As they say, the rest is history. Despite his short time on campus, The Miz credits the University, and the friends he made there, with sending him on the path to success. Go ahead, and add to his multi-million follower list on Twitter and Instagram.  



Jay Livingston: Bark CMO, Angel Investor

January 25, 2018

Jay was the first person I met at freshman orientation in Oxford. We immediately connected and have stayed friends ever since. He has always inspired me with the ability to thrive in the corporate world while having credibility in the venture space. Over the past 20 years, he was a Senior Vice President at Bank of America and also an Angel Investor. But in 2017, he was recruited to be the CMO of a booming pet toy business Bark. Not a Miami conversation goes by without Jay reminiscing about bringing Jay Leno to campus (in the early 90's) when he was leading Concert Board as a student.



Jenny Rooney: Forbes, Editor of the CMO Network; Cradle of Marketers Creator

January 25, 2018

Jenny Rooney is one of the most trusted names in journalism when it comes to corporate news and people who make it. Weekly, you can see her interviewing the world's top CEO's and CMO's, in paper and at conferences. She also helped create Miami's Cradle of Marketers conference (with fellow alum Dave Knox), which brings back some of Miami's brightest alumni to give advice and network with current students in the Farmer business school. She also deserves some credit in Beyond High Street as I created the idea of it simply thinking about how to extend the great work she does at the Cradle of Marketers.


Makre sure to follow her on twitter to hear some great interviews with the world's best business minds.